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The Jazzy Cats!

The Jazzy Cats2

Meet The Jazzy Cats! They are the coolest Kids band in Melbourne. Our songs were written just for you! Have fun learning the lyrics and singing and swinging along. Each song will teach you something new about music and our favourite of course JAZZ!

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Watch our new Monkey Swing video!

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Help Melody find a train conductor!

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Learn About Jazz

Jazz is a genre of music made popular at the beginning of the 20th century! There are lots of different styles of Jazz; Big Band, Swing, Bossa Nova and Cool Jazz, just to name a few. Swing Jazz is a lot of fun because it really makes you want to dance!
Jazz is also really cool because you can improvise. That means sometime when you play a song you can make things up!
Jazz musicians spend a lot of time learning about music so they know what notes to play when they improvise.
You can try improvising yourself by singing- it’s called scatting.
You can hear Melody scatting the Monkey Swing – she is just making it up!

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Learn About The Instruments The Jazzy Cats Play

Dom Plays the guitar. A guitar is a string instrument that can be acoustic or electric.
You play by pressing the strings on the fret board whilst strumming the strings with your other hand.


Ainsley plays the piano. A piano can be a grand piano, upright piano or even a keyboard.
Piano is a great instrument to learn as it’s easy to press down on the keys to make music.
The keys are black and white. Why not try playing a Piano yourself!


Justin plays the drums. Drums are a lots of fun to play. You can use sticks, brushes or even your hands!
A kick drum is played with a pedal you press with your foot.
Drums help keep the rhythm of a song. Check out the cool jungle drums in Monkey Swing!


Adam plays the Double Bass. It’s a big instrument! You usually stand along side and press the strings onto the fret with one hand whilst plucking the strings with the other.
It makes a very low sound and gives a song it’s groove.
Check out Four Beats to hear Adam play a bass solo!


Melody sings into a microphone, although you don’t need a microphone to sing! It just helps project your voice so everyone can hear you.
Melody practices singing at home without a microphone, sometimes she pretends her hairbrush is the microphone!
Melody sings along to songs on the radio, to the piano or backing tracks. She just loves to sing! How about you?

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Stay Tuned


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