September 28, 2013 in Further Information

Learn About The Instruments The Jazzy Cats Play

Dom Plays the guitar. A guitar is a string instrument that can be acoustic or electric.
You play by pressing the strings on the fret board whilst strumming the strings with your other hand.


Ainsley plays the piano. A piano can be a grand piano, upright piano or even a keyboard.
Piano is a great instrument to learn as it’s easy to press down on the keys to make music.
The keys are black and white. Why not try playing a Piano yourself!


Justin plays the drums. Drums are a lots of fun to play. You can use sticks, brushes or even your hands!
A kick drum is played with a pedal you press with your foot.
Drums help keep the rhythm of a song. Check out the cool jungle drums in Monkey Swing!


Adam plays the Double Bass. It’s a big instrument! You usually stand along side and press the strings onto the fret with one hand whilst plucking the strings with the other.
It makes a very low sound and gives a song it’s groove.
Check out Four Beats to hear Adam play a bass solo!


Melody sings into a microphone, although you don’t need a microphone to sing! It just helps project your voice so everyone can hear you.
Melody practices singing at home without a microphone, sometimes she pretends her hairbrush is the microphone!
Melody sings along to songs on the radio, to the piano or backing tracks. She just loves to sing! How about you?

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